the facebook page of comic con portugal keeps on posting things about the TWD cast coming here and omfg if andrew lincoln comes I will cry


         ”Like what?”

       Maybe asking Natasha for her top-five
       silly and stupid nicknames for him wasn’t
       the right thing to do, but… Well. Once the
      question was out, he couldn’t take it back.


                “I’m sorry that I’m not as good at lying
                 as a bunch of assasin and the woman
                 who literally fools every lie detector.
                 I’m a honest guy and, believe it or not,
                 but some people do appreciate that.”

         “I’m not sure——give me a few moments,
          I’ll remember something.”

                  Only she won’t ; Captain Chicken really
                  has to be one of the worst nicknames
                  she’s heard. Obviously, she’s not going
                  to admit that.

                   “You know, you seem to like me
                     just fine even when I lie. I’m not
                     sure about the importance of
                     being honest nowadays.”



—————If you can easily charm that guy.
[Discreetly points at the dude behind the counter.]
And get us Heineken at least, I’m buying you dinner even after the game.
[Was that a challenge? Maybe. Slightly.]
Maybe I’m never patient with hockey, but I am with other things. Shhhh, lemme have that, don’t ruin it.

Are you challenging me, Barnes?
[ She doesn’t fail. Ever. Especially when it comes to charming people because really— that’s her gift to humanity. ]
You pay and I get to pick the place, too. Deal?

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"Natalia." He spoke up from his seat in the SHIELD helicarrier’s briefing room alone, when the Widow came in, as he had been sparing off into space, daydreaming and sipping from a cup of coffee, his metallic fingers drumming on the table.



Natasha’s lips curled up into a small grin as she walked past him with her own cup of coffee in her hands. The day had been long, between training and reading some old files that had been sitting on her desk for weeks, and now she was only looking for a place to rest. “Sitting here all by yourself? That can’t be very entertaining.”



"Just shy of twenty-one-months … she’s adopted. But I think I finally understand you and Ivan. I’d do anything for her."

"That’s great. Protect her in the best way you can— it’s a tough world we live in. What’s the little girl’s name?"



            “I trust myself to not be stupid
              enough to trust anyone else.

           “Took you long enough to learn
             that, let’s be honest.”

Natasha and Bucky had a foursome with Clint and Bobbi after Deadly Origin. The second half became a twosome with Bobbi and Natasha, but Clint and Bucky had absolutely no problems with it.



                 ❝ …of course i accepted your help.
                     please ma’am… he’s all i have.❞

          “I work for SHIELD— or used to. It’s a long story
           but I think I can still help you. We will find your
           brother, okay?”

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“What are you touching?”


Unintentional in the way that I was going to stuff my phone in my pocket and— oh, come on. I’m not going to keep explaining myself, I apologized already.”

"Don’t throw a fit at me— you were the one touching things you shouldn’t."