i downloaded some hella cool mods for Sims 3 that I really want to use but I also want to set up another RP account and there’s no way imma have time for everything bc I’m starting college tomorrow oh noes



Stop bringing it up, Natalia, I swear to God———-oi!
[He went after her, laughing along the way.]
Drop it, seriously, okay, I’m buying you dessert, at least.

Yeah but technically you brought it up now——
[ Natalia held the door open for him while faking a very offended expression. ]
You should be buying me dessert for like a month, James.


"Ya sure? Ah don’ want t’make ya feel like ya have t’ shop wit’ me all night. Ah tend not to know went t’stop."


"Nah, don’t worry—I like shopping. But if I get bored I’ll definitely let you know, deal?"


                                                         n o t h i n g
                                                         that i’d take back

                                                      but  it’s  hard  to  say
                                                      there’s   n o t h i n g
                                                               i regret



          ‘you still haven’t given up on me’
                    follow forever/i’m obsessed with you post

i’m going to keep this as short and as sweet as i possibly can. first and foremost, those images above are not mine. i simply changed the text within them and tweaked the coloration somewhat. all credit goes to the appropriate owner. thank you.

  • the babes:

➤ hibernamilitisI know things have been difficult, especially as of late, but that doesn’t change the fact that you are my best friend. And also: you deserves more than you accept. You’re beautiful, intelligent, reliable, and imperfectly perfect, perfectly, imperfect, just the way you are. I wouldn’t change a thing…except maybe the ocean separating us. That can go any time. Hey, the world has its shine but I would drop it on a dime for you. Don’t go where I can’t follow. You’re my friend (You’re my mission). I’m with you till the end of the line, pal. I love you so much. ♥

makarovs I’m hopelessly enthralled by your way with words and your seamless ability to crawl into the heart and mind of any and every character. More than that, I’m endlessly appreciative of you and your everything. I look up to you in a lot of ways, cherish your opinion more than you might think, and am thoroughly grateful for you presence in my life in ways that I don’t always vocalize or make known because I’m a lump. You mean a great great deal to me and you said it best, remember? Platonic life partners. ♥

➤ forgivenunforgottenI’m not always so eloquent as my silver-tongued muse nor am I quite as vocal when I am feeling articulate. With that being said, however, I would like you to know that you mean a great great deal to me as a person, an individual soul upon this Earth, a writer, and a friend. Whether I’ve told you or not, you were actually one of the first roleplay blogs I ever encountered and because of that, along with the great many innumerable kind things you’ve said and sent me over the years, you matter to me in ways I can’t really properly explain. Anyway, you’re wonderful. Which is a gross simplification of everything I said above but I’m afraid I’ll scare you away if I don’t stop here. ♥

hawksvaneDear sweet wonderful Kite, you should know that you’re the one Clint I go to for interaction. You are one in a billion and are as widely intelligent, enormously encouraging and friendly and warm and comforting, and deviously talented as you are…well, a bunch of other things. Like genuine and brilliant and but effortlessly perfect. I’m so thoroughly glad to have met you and to know you and to have the honor to speak to you daily. And send you texts randomly. Which may or may not escalate as time marches on. Also, I love you. And inside your pocket is my preferred place to be. ♥

➤ deadliiest - Okay listen. I know we’ve not known each other that long but you are without a doubt one of the most brilliant individuals I’ve ever had the good pleasure of meeting online. All the puns and all the horrible (but actually wonderful) pick-up lines and all of the screaming in skype at each other because I sing the Avett Brothers too much, you’ve come to mean so much to me. Thanks for sticking with me all this time. Oh my god, do I try. Denim denim denim. 

➤ awantedman - Contrary to what you sometimes believe about yourself, you are wonderful, kind, smart, beautiful, and a blessing to all those around you. Don’t mind me as I bristle if and when you tell yourself otherwise. You’ve been with me longer than most; that says a lot and for it I am eternally grateful. Thank you for tolerating me, my wishy washy moods and irrational thinking, my bouts of reasonless silence, and my shrieking excitement which flares up occasionally. As the first tumblr individual to meet me and suffer me ‘ness’ in person, I’d say you deserve a medal of some sort, my gosh. I love you so much, Michele. 

  • the beauties:

    these are the diamonds in the rough. if tumblr were erebor, these individuals would all be arkenstones and i would be smaug in my selfish hoarding of them (i am fire. i am death. and all that). to you, darlings: i look up to you, admire your writing, admire your muse(s), and admire you as an individuals, fellow human beings, and fellow writers here on tumblr. thank you, each and all, for making my dash beautiful. ♥

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♚ | trainedassassin | 


    I don’t know how to love very well.

                 Robin had left her now, he’d gone 
                  and she was left alone once again. 
                  She couldn’t help but dwell to every
                  person she met.


And does anyone? Love always lacks
  logic. No one ever knows what is the
  right thing to do when you’re in love.



"Which bit? The middle half is nonsense, the rest is true… I think…"

"Thank God, because you almost made me believe there was a university in Alaska that taught awesomeness.”


    It’s one of my redeeming traits, I must say.


I’m sure some of our lovely colleagues would disagree.

the scar meant that i was stronger than what had tried to hurt me.
—jeannette walls- glass castle  (via like-we-arethe-stars)