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Another agent told me you wanted to see me— should I be worried?



           ”No hard feelings.
            I wasn’t complaining.”

                   Not this time, at least.

                “Oh, yeah? It sounded a lot
                  like you were complaining.”


Kate has always been really bitchy, so it doesn’t surprise me much. Heard her dad married her seventh grade science teacher and everything just went down hill from there. It’s a shame, she has a pretty face.


Really? I never heard that story— but I suppose it explains a lot. People with fucked up relationships at home always end up dragging those problems everywhere they go.



——-Do guys assume that’s what you’re after? Just the d?
[He suppressed his laughter, opting to look someplace else for a moment.]
I don’t really check out the whole roster because it’s an exhibition game, and there might rookies—oooh, Nat, you’ll like that, you’re into babies, right? Cmon.

Are you serious? Yeah, they do—you wouldn’t imagine the stuff I’ve had on my phone.
[ Natalia decided it was best to ignore his laughter, otherwise she would have to resist the urge to kick him. ]
————Very funny. How come I haven’t dated you yet if I’m so into babies?



[Natalia in motion was akin to watching a noir film. As she lean forward against the counter—he imagined a spotlight on her, a piano man in the corner. All that was missing was a fancy drink, and for her to light up a filtered cigarette. Impressive.]
Free? Well, did you ask if he’s working here all the time? We’d score beer everytime there’s a game, you know. ——-Awesome, thanks.
[He takes one from her hand, then followed it with a sip. Ice cold. Perfect.]
——Right, and dinner’s on me after the game. Do you wanna walk around or watch the warm up? We still got time to chill.

I would have, but that would imply I was actually interested in him and you know what would happen then? He’d ask for my number. I don’t need any more weirdos sending me dick pictures at two in the morning.
[ That had happened before and she was actively trying to avoid it now. Taking a small sip of her own beer, she realized that there was a chance she would want to drink more during the game which mean she would have to play along again. Oh, well. ]
Dunno, are the players cute? I wouldn’t mind watching the warm up if they are———okay, I’m kidding. But we can still watch it, at least I’d be able to tell who’s who before the game starts.

yo hoes i’m bored so you should like this post for a starter maybe



                     ❝ The cost is the same, regardless. Homo
                        sapiens will die out of their own accord,
                        with or without my interference — that is
                        the law of nature. The only difference is
                        how many of my own kind they will take
                        down with them. ❞

            “Maybe. But not everyone wants to start
             a war. Innocent people will die on both
             sides. The world is not ready to face
             evolution yet—not like this.”



         Benefit of the doubt had my hopes up high.
           They crashed and I had a reality check.
           Another day, another death.

         “Sounds very poetic—
          how have you been holding up
          with that new way of looking at things?”